BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches

Here’s a cool culinary ingredient to try if you haven’t yet had it.   Nutritious, exotic, and enormous, jackfruit is interesting and intriguing for a variety of reasons. It was probably one of the biggest vegan food trends last year because its texture (not flavor) is similar to pulled pork. Remember though, its a fruit.… Read More

Eat Well, Live Well: A Whole Food, Plant-Based Workshop

Hi friends, To those of you in the Washington, D.C. area, on June 11th I’ll be facilitating a workshop about eating a plant-based diet. The workshop will take place at Blue Heron Wellness. We’ll discuss some practical, easy and tasty ways to incorporate whole and plant-based foods into your and your family’s diet! What are… Read More

Barefoot Books

Have you heard of Barefoot Books? They are bright and beautifully illustrated children’s books and CDs that celebrate the joy of childhood, diversity, inclusivity and the planet we all share. I fell in love with them when my son was a baby. We were visiting The Getty and before leaving decided to take a quick peek in their… Read More

Seared Chanterelles with Black Rice

Forbidden rice (black rice) gets its name from ancient days when it was exclusively reserved for the Chinese Emperors and  royalty to ensure their longevity and good health. Eventually, common people were allowed to eat this “forbidden” rice and now it’s a nourishing staple that is treasured for it’s nutty flavor, soft texture, and dramatic color. The beautiful deep… Read More