Making Purées
As soon as your child is ready, preferably after 6 months of age, you can begin introducing them to single-ingredient purées. For this stage super smooth purées with no chunks, lumps or pulp work best. The use of a high speed blender, instead of a food processor, works best for smoother purées. Small babies have a very strong gag reflex that is easily triggered by even the smallest of particles. The smoother the purée, the better and more enjoyable it will for you and your child.

Most of the recipes below make 6-8 child-size servings. Making large quantities allows you to save time by storing portions for future meals. Also, although not listed below, you can make purées from virtually any fruit or vegetable. In addition to the purées listed below, you can also make purées from asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, pear, potato, rutabaga, spinach, turnip and more. Enjoy the exploration! For more on food storage, visit Storing and Reheating Baby Food Safely.

Single-Ingredient Purées
Apple Purée
Carrot Purée
Parsnip Purée*
Sweet Pea Purée
Sweet Potato Purée*

Flavor Combinations
Banana, Pineapple, and Avocado Pudding*
Carrot, Mango, and Apple Purée*
Green Bean, Potato and Kale Purée*
Parsnip, Pear and Fig Purée*

*Source: Start Fresh by Tyler Florence

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