There are so many packaged and fast foods readily available and vying for our children’s attention. When they are ready for solids—preferably after 6 months of age—is  a perfect time to introduce them to the wonderful flavors, colors and textures of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This helps establish an early love and appreciation of delightful and nourishing foods that will serve them well, and position them nicely for a lifetime of health and wellness.

I find it so rewarding to make his food and watch him enjoy it, knowing it will do his little body good. If you have little ones, you too can quickly and easily make fresh and wholesome meals—eliminating or minimizing the need to feed your baby from a jar. Under Petit Appetit–found here and under the cuisine section, I will share healthy alternatives to buying commercially processed, preservative-filled baby foods to help you create delicious culinary experiences for your little ones.

From smooth purées, to bite-size portions that are perfect for a first fork or spoon, to meals the whole family can enjoy, I’ll post a variety of recipes that help to begin a lifetime of positive eating habits for every petit appetit!

Bon Appetit!

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