While browsing the web to find an interesting recipe for fresh pomegranates, I came across an inspiration for this sweet, sour and tangy dish.

Since I had recently written about za’atar, my favorite Middle Eastern spice, I thought this recipe would be a great follow-up as it includes another traditional Middle Eastern ingredient, pomegranate molasses. Both sweet and tart, this garnet colored syrup is made from pomegranate juice and sugar, and has the consistency of honey. It can be used in a variety of ways including salad vinaigrettes, barbecue sauce, stews, drinks or anytime you want to add an interesting twist to a dish. Some consider it their secret weapon to making things slightly exotic and mysteriously intriguing.

My inspiration for this dish came from Sips and Spoonfuls who posted a non-vegetarian version. The original recipe came from House of Fifty magazine.

Pomegranate molasses can be found in Middle Eastern markets and some mainstream grocery stores. I recently saw a few bottles at Whole Foods. Do you have a favorite use for pomegranate molasses? If so, I’d love to know.

Za’atar and Pomegranate Roasted Tofu
14-ounce package of firm tofu, cut into pieces
¼ cup olive oil
4 tablespoons za’atar
2 tablespoons pomegranate molasses
4 garlic cloves, crushed
Salt and pepper to taste
1 lemon
¼ cup pine nuts, toasted
3 tablespoons parsley
3 tablespoons fresh pomegranate seeds

To make the marinade, combine olive oil, za’atar, pomegranate molasses, garlic, salt and pepper in a deep dish. Place tofu in dish and marinate for several hours or overnight.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place tofu in a single layer in a baking tray or baking dish. Place tray in the middle rack of the oven and roast for about 30 minutes or until the tofu has browned beautifully. Carefully flip tofu to the other side. Be careful as large and thin tofu pieces can break apart. If you would like the tofu to be a little crispy, place the tofu under the broiler for a few minutes but watch it very carefully to avoid burning.

Sprinkle with lemon juice. Garnish with pine nuts, parsley and pomegranate seeds, and serve immediately.

Bon appétit,

7 thoughts on “Za’atar and Pomegranate Roasted Tofu

  1. You just answered my “what should I make for dinner” question 🙂 I LOVE pomegranate molasses – I used to sneak spoonfuls of it as a child!

  2. Hi Tina, LOL! Hmmm, earlier my little one pulled out the bottle of pomegranate molasses, but he can’t open the bottle yet! I’m glad I could be of service re dinner. 🙂 Please do let me know how dinner turns out. And, if you have any advice to improve this recipe and take it to another level that I have not yet even considered… I’d LOVE to know!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, Martine. This is a fantastic recipe – and that photo is insane!!!! I can’t wait to make this – and immediately emailed it to a few friends that I know will love it. This would be a great dish for a vegetarian Thanksgiving, too. Happy holiday to you and your family. Warmly, Shanna

    1. Hi Shanna, thank you and happy holidays! It’s true, this could be a great dish for Thanksgiving, especially since the pomegranates make it look so festive. But after I made this, I found out my husband is not a fan of pomegranate seeds, go figure, so I’ll be making something else for THXG dinner. Crazy but that’s still to be determined. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I hope you and your friends love it!

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