Carrot Cake Flavored Oats

The flavor of much-loved carrot cake is ideal for adapting into something different. Why not a heartier and interesting way to make oatmeal? You don’t even have to eat it only in the morning for breakfast. This is an easy and versatile recipe. You can make it as overnight oats* or you can cook the… Read More

Ameh for Eid il-Burbara

A couple of days ago a friend from Lebanon told me about Eid il-Burbara or Saint Barbara’s Day, a holiday celebrated on December 4th in Lebanon and some other Middle Eastern countries. Because there are traditional Lebanese dishes associated with the holiday, I knew I just had to try at least one of them and share it with you. I chose… Read More

Hazelnut Buckwheat Granola Bars

Lately, I’ve been tinkering in the kitchen, trying to come up with ideas on nutritious snacks for my husband and toddler. My latest concoction were these very tasty hazelnut buckwheat granola bars. They’re not only great as a snack, but also great bars for breakfast, if you prefer. These granola bars are a little on the soft… Read More