Spicy Butternut Squash Empanadas

When I cook, I like to remind myself that success in cooking does not come in perfection—nothing is perfect—but rather, I think success comes in the evolution of a dish. To me, what’s interesting is the how a dish can continue to morph and evolve—the risks taken, adjustments of ingredients, spices, and techniques used, etc. This all varies from person to… Read More

Ethiopian Berbere

Have you tried Ethiopian food? Packed with rich and flavorful spices, you’re sure to love it. I’m starting a series of posts with a primer on a few building blocks to many Ethiopian dishes. Think of them as vignettes on making an Ethiopian meal. First, an integral ingredient used in Ethiopian cuisine is berbere (behr-ba-rry), a ground Ethiopian spice… Read More

Shichimi Edamame

Loaded with protein and fiber, edamame is a healthy snack worth its salt. It can be eaten a variety of ways—plain, slated, or drizzled with olive oil—but if you want to get fancy, I’ve got the recipe for you. Earlier this year, my husband and I traveled to Hawaii. Following a friend’s recommendation, we ate at… Read More