Turmeric Ginger Lemonade

If you’ve never used fresh turmeric before, be careful—it can stain clothing and surfaces and leave your fingers with a golden hue. The roots look a bit thinner than gingeroot, but when you snap it open, the color is as beautiful as the bright orange color of a sunrise or sunset. In recent years there have been quite a few… Read More

Ethiopian Berbere

Have you tried Ethiopian food? Packed with rich and flavorful spices, you’re sure to love it. I’m starting a series of posts with a primer on a few building blocks to many Ethiopian dishes. Think of them as vignettes on making an Ethiopian meal. First, an integral ingredient used in Ethiopian cuisine is berbere (behr-ba-rry), a ground Ethiopian spice… Read More

My Masala Dabba

Last year I decided to invest in a simple tool found in virtually every home in India. I bought a masala dabba or Indian spice box, a simple yet clever way to organize spices. A round stainless steel tin with a tight-fitting solid or glass lid, a masala dabba typically holds seven or more smaller… Read More