Webster’s Avocado Salad

Mr. Webster, I stand corrected, finally…some 20+ years later. It was my senior year in high school when I told you that we had a tree in our yard that grew large avocados the size of eggplants. You crossed your arms, tilted your head, cocked your eyebrows, rolled your eyes, and sighed in utter disbelief. The more… Read More

Mango and Avocado Mousse

As if mangos and avocados aren’t delicious enough on their own, straight off the spoon, this dreamy mousse combines them to create a velvety texture and delicious flavor. I recently had a version of this mousse at a friend’s house and wanted to share it with you. Luscious, creamy and easy to make, this mousse only has four ingredients. It… Read More

Frijoles Negros Cubanos (Cuban Black Beans)

Once upon a time there was a family of mice. There was Mamá Ratón, Papá Ratón, and Brother and Sister Ratón. Mamá was smart and had a beautiful voice. She often sang as she walked. Papá liked to think he was strong. He had big muscles (so he thought) and often flexed them to show off. One day, they went on a… Read More