Mr. Webster, I stand corrected, finally…some 20+ years later.


It was my senior year in high school when I told you that we had a tree in our yard that grew large avocados the size of eggplants. You crossed your arms, tilted your head, cocked your eyebrows, rolled your eyes, and sighed in utter disbelief. The more I insisted, the louder the sound of your sigh; the greater the shake of your head; the more you tried to shorten the conversation that was clearly going nowhere in your mind. In a tacit agreement, we never spoke of it again. I suppose it was understandable, you were used to the tiny and wrinkly Haas variety and I’m sure you meant no offense. You were, after all, one of the “cool” teachers that we all liked. But, I must admit, I was a wee bit irked that you had not believed me. Of course I graduated and moved on, but each time I sliced into a golden-on-the-inside, creamy and eggplant-sized avocado, I thought of you and hoped somewhere along the way someone had a chance to introduce you to this BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC or, as my French speaking toddler would say, GI-GAN-TESQUE avocado. Because, Mr. Webster, they’re not only enormous, they’re also delicious. 🙂

Avocado Salad






Mom, thanks for shipping these simply delicious, creamy and buttery avocados all the way from sunny South Florida!

Webster’s Avocado Salad
If you can only get Haas avocados, that’s fine; any variety of avocado will work. This is simply an amazingly tasty salad that’s great as a side dish or to top almost anything, with any avocado. See my Daal Makhani as an example.

2 avocados, sliced to your preference
1 tablespoon or more olive oil
fresh juice of 1-3 limes
flaky sea salt
freshly ground black pepper

In a bowl, toss avocados with olive oil, lime juice and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Taste and adjust seasoning to your preference. Eat alone or use it as a topping to enhance your favorite dishes.

5 thoughts on “Webster’s Avocado Salad

  1. Martine, I love the story here. We’ve never had great luck with these large Florida avocados. They look amazing in your photos – worth trying again. Also love the simplicity of your recipe – key is the perfect ripeness of the avocado. Then the link to daal makhani is inspiring me to get my Indian spices out for a warm spicy lentil dish in the chilly winter weather. Thanks!

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