Macadamia Milk

I’m back from a few weeks of vacation in beautiful Sydney, Australia’s energetic cosmopolitan hub, and no place in the world quite like it Hawaii. Despite the marathon-long flights to get to each destination and the jet lag that quickly ensued, I can’t imagine ever tiring of either Sydney’s or Hawaii’s sunny climate, nature, word-class… Read More

Teff and Buckwheat Porridge with Cashew milk

Let’s talk nut milk. In the past I’ve often used store bought nut and seed milks (almond, hazelnut and hemp), but now, I prefer to make my own when time allows. I’ve found it more satisfying to make it myself as I can adjust the sweetness, creaminess and flavor to suite my own tastes and… Read More

Amygdalate (Almond Milk)

The amygdala is a structure of the brain that processes emotions. It is shaped like an ______!  The amygdala is shaped like an almond! For years I have been intrigued by the idea of making my own nut or seed milk, I just never got around to doing it, until now. High in antioxidants, vitamins and… Read More