Macadamia Milk

I’m back from a few weeks of vacation in beautiful Sydney, Australia’s energetic cosmopolitan hub, and no place in the world quite like it Hawaii. Despite the marathon-long flights to get to each destination and the jet lag that quickly ensued, I can’t imagine ever tiring of either Sydney’s or Hawaii’s sunny climate, nature, word-class… Read More

Sydney’s Wildlife

It seems no trip to Australia would be complete without some type of encounter with its iconic animals: koalas and kangaroos. We were able to see them and dozens of other strange and amazing creatures—wallabies, echidnas and the endangered bilbies—while visiting Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and its Wildlife World. I’m not one who normally likes zoos, seeing animals caged… Read More

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most recognizable building and Sydney’s most famous landmark. Based on its design and construction, the Sydney Opera House is an icon of Australia’s creative and technical achievement and considered a masterpiece of 20th century architecture. Viewed from the air, a ferry, or by foot, the vision of its soaring… Read More