Warm Buckwheat Salad with Roasted Kabocha and Caper Berries

Buckwheat ~ by Carl Sandburg There was a late autumn cricket, And two smoldering mountain sunsets Under the valley roads of her eyes. There was a late autumn cricket,
 A hangover of summer song,
 Scraping a tune
 Of the late night clocks of summer,
 In the late winter night fireglow,
 This in a circle of black… Read More

Hearty Kale and Kabocha Salad with Farro and Apple

We normally think of greens, like kale, as cooking vegetables, but they also make excellent fresh salads. In the fall and winter, it’s nice to pair greens with hearty and hardy ingredients like squash, grains, fruit, nuts and seeds. In this delicious and simple salad chock full of flavorful and nutritious ingredients, thin strips of kale… Read More

Galette with Kabocha Squash and Kale

Kale and kabocha squash team up in this hearty galette. The result: a rustic beauty that looks as fabulous as it tastes.  I love galettes. Always a versatile party pleaser, these generous, free form pastries are both rustic and elegant. Their hand-folded edges wrap a combination of luxury fillings to say, homemade in a luxe… Read More