Charming and colorful, Portofino is picturesque and continues to be one of the most photographed villages along Liguria’s coast.   Once a hideaway for illicit trysts and paparazzi dodging movie stars, Portofino has long been a popular destination for the rich and famous arriving by yachts or in sleek sports cars.  A place also to be… Read More

Liguria: Genova

Intu mezu du mä gh’è ‘n pesciu tundu Che quandu u vedde ë brute u va ‘nsciù fundu Intu mezu du mä gh’è ‘n pesciu palla Che quandu u vedde ë belle u vegne a galla Out at sea is a round fish that sinks to the floor when he sees an ugly girl Out… Read More

Bella Italia: Amalfi Coast

Today is the first day of summer! In celebration, this morning my family and I are listening to Italian music – a mixture of Italian children’s music from my son’s weekly Italian music class and Putumayo’s Italian Cafe. We’re excited because we’ll soon be headed to Italy for our summer vacation! Until then, I thought I’d… Read More