On Friday afternoon I hosted my first play date. Since I like to entertain, cook and bake, I enjoyed the planning and preparation for this small event almost as much as I enjoyed spending the afternoon talking, eating and socializing with friends.

Play date is an expression used mostly in the US for a pre-arranged time for kids to get together to play. These “dates” can be great for helping children learn to socialize, share, and just have fun with other kids their age. When children are very young, most parents stay for the play date and use the time to share resources and make new friends.

To encourage and facilitate conversation, I invited a small group—about five parents and seven children. Like my son, most of the kids were barely a year old. We had crawlers, walkers and one who impressed us all as he took his first few magical steps towards his independence. It was fun to see the little ones interact with each other and nice to have time to talk to other parents. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

The menu:
Exotic mushroom pâté served with gougères, sliced pears and apples, endive and figs.


For a sweet treat, we enjoyed beautiful and tasty walnut cookies made by my friend B. and mini pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

The beverage served was an icy and frothy blend of pear juice with slices of pears, oranges and limes. Our music playlist consisted of kid’s world music from France, Mexico, Brazil, Africa and Asia.

Yes, of course I will share my recipes with you. Stay tuned!!
xo, Martine

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