Devenir Père

photo credit.

My husband of three years has always wanted to become a father.  When we married he wanted to start a family as soon as possible.  The more practical and cautious one (me) between us preferred to wait. Fortunately we decided the time was finally right for us and we had a little boy last year.  He has brought us more joy than we could ever have imagined.

Like many men, my husband, was quite nervous to hold and care for our baby after we brought him home from the hospital.  I quickly watched his fear and anxiety of possibly “breaking” the baby develop into confidence in nurturing and loving his son.

A Quebecois, my husband speaks to our son only in French. With great enthusiasm, he lovingly changes diapers (poopy ones too), takes over the bath and bedtime routine when possible, reads and crawls around on the floor like a puppy with our son.  It makes me smile to hear him make up silly French songs as he sings and tries to soothe, entertain or rock baby to sleep.

Culturally, it used to be thought that only mother’s brains were wired from the start for nurturing.  However, growing research now shows dads just need a little more time to find the way, build confidence in their ability to nurture and become paternal.

I found this quote I thought perfect:


Happy Father’s Day to all the proud and nurturing papas out there!

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