Welcome to the Petit World Citizen Community!

This is a forum to share, explore and discover ways to bring the world home. I hope you enjoy being part of the Petit World Citizen community. I look forward to hearing your comments and views as we embark together on this exciting journey of world exploration through the lens of art, literature, music and culture. Let’s see what our days have to offer.

Voir, entendre, aimer. La vie est un cadeau dont je défais les ficelles chaque matin, au réveil. 

To see, to hear, to love. Life is a present in which I untie the strings each morning,
 upon awakening. — Quote by Christian Bobin

4 thoughts on “Bienvenue!

    1. Libby, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and I’m very glad you like it. I hope this site will help set the mood for each reader’s own voyage of the heart, soul and mind. Thank you for stopping by.

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