DIY: Heart Crayons

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a fun and simple craft activity I did with my toddler for Valentine’s Day. We made heart crayons to give to his classmates at preschool.


Creative and easy to make, you only need crayons—we used a lot of old and broken ones we had—and almost any heart mold available in craft and cooking stores or online. I used this silicone heart mold by Chicago Metallic.

To make, remove all paper from crayons. Color coordinate crayons, if you’d like. I separated into two dominant colors: reds with purple and pinks; and blues with greens. Each red or blue pile had a little yellow, just for fun. Be creative and pile colors together however you like. There’s no right or wrong way. We also made some heart crayons that were multicolor—a hodgepodge of all colors.

DIY: Heart Crayons

Break crayons into small pieces (the smaller they are the faster they will melt) and place them into molds. Place mold on a baking sheet. Bake at 250F until all crayons are fully melted, at least 20 minutes. Then, carefully remove baking sheet with mold from the oven. If you’d like you can use a toothpick or skewer to swirl the melted wax a little. Allow to cool until fully set, at least one hour or more. Then gently pop out of the mold.

To give away, these crayons can be packaged in cellophane bags and tagged with some fun sayings for Valentine’s Day like: You Color My World; Color Your Heart Out; or You Bring Color to My Life. There are so many possibilities, have fun thinking up some new ones.

DIY: Heart Crayons

These versatile crayons are not just limited to Valentine’s Day, they can also be made for other holidays like St. Patrick’s Day; they also make nice party favors for children’s birthdays; ornaments for Christmas trees;  and/or more.

But for today they’re for Valentine’s Day because YOU, my friends, color MY world! 🙂
xo, Martine

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