Bienvenue again to the Petit World series which features faces, places, architecture and other cultural aspects of life from across the globe. In our last edition of the Petit World series, I showed you photographs of the faces of two beautifully exotic women and asked you to guess where they were from. I received several correct responses, the first to respond correctly was Imad. He correctly answered that they were women of the Dinka tribe in South Sudan. Congratulations and thank you to ALL of you who participated!

Can you guess where this structure and in which country it is located? I had the fortune  of visiting this site a few years ago, while on assignment.

Hint: The structure is a former palace. It looks as if it has grown from the rocks. An iconic symbol of the country of it’s origin, it is characteristic of the country’s architecture. Many pictures of it can be found on magazines, post cards, etc. Alone, it sits perched in a desert area.

DSC_0792Please submit your responses here. Bonne chance!

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