Buongiorno: Practical Tips for Travel to Italy

This post is inspired by a question from Josephine, a dear friend and member of our Petit World Citizen community.  In response to recent posts about our family vacation to Italy, she asked if I could spend some time discussing the practicalities—such as learning the language, obtaining a visa, and exchanging and handling money—for travel… Read More

Eat Well, Live Well: A Whole Food, Plant-Based Workshop

Hi friends, To those of you in the Washington, D.C. area, on June 11th I’ll be facilitating a workshop about eating a plant-based diet. The workshop will take place at Blue Heron Wellness. We’ll discuss some practical, easy and tasty ways to incorporate whole and plant-based foods into your and your family’s diet! What are… Read More

Tech Tuesday: How to Create Mise en Place

For today’s Tech Tuesday, we’re covering mise-en-place, the French culinary phrase which means to gather and arrange ingredients and tools needed for cooking. Literally, it means to “set in place”. It’s one of the first lessons taught to culinary students because it is the system used in professional kitchens that helps them run so efficiently. By organizing ingredients that a… Read More

Tech Tuesday: How to Dry-Sauté

  The fat you eat is the fat you wear. That’s according to physician and nutrition expert, Dr. John McDougall, and he’s right. All oils are 100 percent fat. Like other forms of fat, olive oil has 9 calories per gram; sugar has four. That means that olive oil has more than twice the calories… Read More

Herb-Infused, Fruity and Floral Lemonades

As we head into the weekend, I thought I’d share one of my favorite summer drinks: lemonade, but with a twist. For many of us, we only have a few short weeks before fall arrives and pumpkin spices start to lure themselves into many of our drinks. So while you can, spruce up your lemonade with herb-infused simple syrup,… Read More

Mung Bean Soup

I love one-pot cooking. I’ve embraced it as my go-to technique for those times when I just have no time. When I cook, I’m anything but neat. My husband says when the kitchen looks as if a typhoon has passed through, he knows I’m happy, working on some culinary adventure and something delicious is likely to… Read More